Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somebody's Body

We are all somebody,
Venerable to the harsh winds
Pretenders that we are immortal beings
Know it alls
Scientist, teachers, righteous Kings and Queens
Immigrants of the heavens
Founders of hell
We are all Somebody
Creators of greatness
Destroyers of innocence
Communicators of the deaf
No one is listening
If they are
They don’t care to respond
As they choose to remain in Wonderland
We are all Somebody
Babies, toddlers, adolescents, men and women
Inhabitants of the lands
Conquerors of nations
Paul bearers of our souls
Which way shall we go?
Owls and eagles soaring above the roads
Gazing down upon human gold
We are all somebody
Someone’s baby
Son, daughter, mother, father, sister and brother
Weeping and remorseful
Unable to turn back time
Longing, needing, screaming and dreaming
Of one extra moment
Willing to give anything
To stall time, make it remain still
T o love somebody once more
We are all somebody’s

From the Aftermath 2009 By, Yolanda Poole Clarke